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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Manuscript is off for the final round. Stigma is coming!


One was of fire and Earth, the other, fire and light. Together, their passion will forever change the course of mankind.

In a time long since forgotten, men and malāikah interacted freely. Keeping watch over mankind are the iri or those who are awake.

Adar-Malik has survived a reaping, drought, famine, and numerous invasions to his lands, each time proving his resolve to protect his people. He has brought Qiruta from the edge of collapse, turning it into a kingdom many envied. He bows to no one, not even to the Creator.

V has been sent to observe and educate the young and powerful king of Qiruta in the ways of the world and to respect the Creator. When he meets Adar-Malik, V recognizes the human as his Chosen One and begins to question who and what he is.

Is V willing to give up everything to be with the human he loves?


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Update on The Champion: Rise of the Symbionts, Vol. II


I am nearing the end of this particular installment. Only 3 more chapters to go on the draft version. This means about another 15k+/- words left before The End, For Now, is written...this is the first of Vol II.

My not-so-nice news: because I had waited too long to finish this story, THE CHAMPION as a title is no longer viable. I have a policy of unique titles, and I lost my chance. 

That means, if I put up the final version, it won't be THE CHAMPION, but something else. I have given myself a deadline to submit by next week, Thursday...not even the I will be working hard.

This is also the reason why I have not updated Taboo Plans and All over on my FACEBOOK PAGE. As soon as I have submitted it, I will update Tris and Zach's story there. Do watch out for it.

I also have to insert several erotic scenes into (now formerly titled) The Champion...but that's the least of my worries. Coming up with a new title will be a tough one.

For those who have not yet, check out the series via the following links: 




Monday, September 6, 2021

...and now self-publishing is an open option

This. After all this time, it is suddenly open to me.

Note: I did self-publication back in 2016-2017, but I could never get to my profits due to lack of services. Beginning last month, I get notified that I now have the option to withdraw whatever earnings I made all those years ago. Unfortunately, since the last time I could access the service was 2017 March, the deductions dropped my money to ten dollars. 

I don't mind (I do, but what can I do?) I was able to withdraw from what was leftover. Next I get is an email from Amazon saying that because of the new services open, I can resume business. 4 years. Took only four years.

So, stay tuned. I may just drop something there to test the waters. If it works, I will dunk a foot.