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eXtasy Books Published By: eXtasy Books Author: Jo Tannah ISBN: 978-1-4874-1344-6 Page: 20 Word Count: 5000 Estimated Publish Date:...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#CoverReveal: Re-Release of Hidden: Evils by @JoTannah #mm #erotic #romance #paranormal #supernatural #urbanlegend

Here it is! So excited to reveal the fantabulous cover by none other than Angela Waters for the re-release of Hidden: Evils.

Evil stays hidden in plain sight. 
Sebastian Torres is a healer and midwife both by trade and by calling. He’s spent the past three years as the only male midwife in a local hospital.Anthony Craig is intrigued by Sebastian, finding him professional and attractive. He can’t help wondering about something—why Sebastian never dates the same man twice.When several pregnant women die in maternity wards a few states away, their fetuses missing, the police are baffled at the strange circumstances surrounding their deaths. Could there be a serial killer on the loose?As the number of deaths escalates, Sebastian suspects a monster of legend, rather than one of the human variety, is responsible. Sebastian knows he’s the only thing standing in evil’s way, but in order to save innocent lives, he must reveal his secret to Anthony. Will Sebastian’s revelation prove too much and drive Anthony away?
Coming Soon!

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Knockers

***The three hooded dark figures adorning the walls of Santa Eulalia Cathedral, Barcelona had always scared me. I would look at the pictures and shiver in fear, wondering if these were The Knockers, or as in the Philippines Legends we refer to as Kumakatok. These are stories handed down from generation to generation and somehow, they never change. They are portents of death. This short little story is my take on the urban legend. Hope you like it.


The seconds ticked. Trickles of sweat ran down Ezra’s temple. It made his skin itch, but he dared not move a muscle. One moment of distraction and he could lose Christian. His gaze flicked to the wall clock. As though in slow motion, the long hand moved from ten to eleven, and settled next to the shorthand already beneath twelve. More seconds ticked by, and the hand moved again.
Outside, an owl began to hoot, but Ezra didn’t dare look out. The moment of distraction was all that it took and the hand moved closer to twelve. Ezra felt his heart thunder in his chest. He tightened his hold on Christian’s hand as the sound of wings on flight broke through the dark, silent night.
“Ezra.” Christian’s raspy voice lured Ezra from his silent vigil. With trepidation, he looked into the eyes of his beloved.
“I’m not leaving you alone,” Ezra said. A tear fell on his cheek, followed by another and another.
“You must go, my love.”
“I’m not leaving you alone,” Ezra repeated with vehemence.
“The knockers are coming.”
“They will never take you away from me.”
“There is no stopping them.”
Three knocks on the door stopped whatever words Ezra was going to say. He inched closer to Christian when the door opened. Three hooded figures, one a pretty, young woman and two elderly men stood under the light of the three moons. Ezra crouched low over Christian, sobbing out his fear and anguish into his neck.
Like a tsunami, a whispered word swept through the hut.
Seconds ticked, the longhand passed the shorthand. The three hooded figures turned their backs on the assassins’ lifeless bodies. Payment accepted. Justice had been served.
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Happy Release Day! @GabriellaBrad &Taryn Jameson #Erotic #Paranormal #Shapeshifter #Romance

Carnal Twilight

eXtasy Books $1.59
Published By: eXtasy Books 
Authors: Gabriella Bradley, Taryn Jameson 
ISBN: 978-1-4874-1345-3 
Page: 24 
Word Count: 4024 
Publication Date: June 2, 2017 
Series: Crimson Realm Chronicles #0

The gods smile upon a weary warrior…Brenn, a warrior, returning home from battle, rests by a tempting magical pool and meets a siren who changes his life forever.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Celebrating a double #bestseller : Royal Consort & Royal Symbionts #mm #erotic #scifi #romance #dragons

Super excited to see this pop up today. Thank you, for all those who bought and are reading my stories. This is a first for me, a double bestseller.

For those of you who've missed the announcement (I maaaay have forgotten to post the release day announcement on here, eeek!), Royal Symbionts is out. Right now, it's only available over at the eXtasy Books site, but it should be available on Amazon and other third party vendors in two weeks' time. If you want to grab the Symbionts now, go over and GRAB IT HERE, or you wait it out for later.

Title: Royal Symbionts

Series: Rise of the Symbionts, Book #3, (Symbionts of Oryon Vol. I )

Author: Jo Tannah

Publisher: eXtasy Books http://www.extasybooks.com/

Estimated Date of Publication: May 26, 2017

eXtasy Books

Betrayal threatens Kallen’s nuptials, his coronation, and the very survival of his people.

Things are not going according to Kallen’s plans. After rescuing the symbiont hatching ground from the dead planet of Nigul, Kallen and his Royal Consort, Lando Garr, thought they would finally gain the answers to unlock the mystery of their symbionts, Bobik and Dobik. Instead, they are faced with more questions and not a single answer.

Plans for their coming nuptials and coronation are pushed to the side when two technomage families disappear. What should have been a simple search and rescue mission reveals a betrayal so deep it threatens not only Kallen’s kingdom, but their entire galaxy. With a technomage war looming, it is incumbent upon Kallen, Lando, and their symbionts to defend the people of Oryon and ensure the survival of their kind.

Point of Interest:

I wrote Rise of the Symbionts about three years ago and had submitted and been sat on until my previous publisher closed down. I had to find a home for them and then eXtasy Books said, come on over. I thank everyone in eXtasy Books, from the bottom of my heart, for giving Lando and Kallen, and the symbionts, a home.

Now, here's the thing. When I wrote these first three books, I had them prepped as short stories, which is the reason why you're seeing them in this format. I expanded them to make more sense, but I kept to the format. 

I started writing Volume II last year when I still had no idea my former publisher was going to fold. I'm almost done with Book IV, The Champion, and have plotted out Books V and VI. These three will make up the Technomage Wars which had been simmering in the background of Rise of the Symbionts. This next trilogy will focus on the remaining Hobiks, The Champion, The Lore Keeper and The Royal Five. The men and their symbionts will have their own stories and will continue the Symbionts of Oryon arc. 

For those of you who want updates , you can like me on my FB page. There's also a secret group where you can get a scoop on updates of what I'm working on as well as have a chace to read exclusive teaser snippets. All you need to do is drop in on my page and request to join the secret groups.

Oh, did I say groups? Yes, I have another one with my co-author Ann Mickan. Drop by HERE.

Here are the other books in the series and their trailers if you're curious.

Monday, May 22, 2017

#Forever #Free eBook: Sock It To Me #MM #Romance #Scifi #LGBTQ #GAY @JoTannah @eXtasyBooks

eXtasy Books

Published By: eXtasy Books
Author: Jo Tannah
ISBN: 978-1-4874-1344-6
Page: 20
Word Count: 5000
Estimated Publish Date: June 2, 2017
Heat Level: 4
Categories: Erotic Romance, FREE STORIES, Gay, GLBT, Science Fiction, PREORDER
When Benjamin Abrams is called in to participate in the investigation of what appears to be an inter-dimensional portal opening in the San Francisco Bay Area, he never once considered to meet the man of his dreams and find the answer to a decades-long mystery.