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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hidden: Evils Contract Signed

I am so stoked! My longish novella, Hidden: Evils, the very first work I managed to pen and finish, has finally found home in Wayward Ink Publishing. I had played around with the story for years but left it to dust. Since 2013, to be frank. It began with discovering a journal I had kept  and misplaced. Moving to a new home involved a lot of new discoveries and in one box, I found the journal. I had written the story years before but it was so drafty I could not quite manage to finish reading it myself. It actually began as a general-fiction story but my main female character, she did not quite read right. Also, I truly imagined her as the main man not a woman. 

A friend managed to push me to do something about it because of her curiosity over the local folklore taken for granted where I come from. She's Australian and got intrigued with the images and stories I related to her. Apparently, she informed me, not many could quite grasp the idea of our local legends and horror stories. 

These have been featured in some television productions but I cringed at the way they were depicted for the filmakers could not quite get what I, as a Filipino, know of the subject. Our local movies are highly successful in portraying these creatures but sadly have never been taken up for international production.

I gave this an M/M twist for I wanted to and it seemed right. I also changed the plot somewhat (Like a whole lot. Let's talk 30,000 words worth of changes). With the help of friends who cringed at my incredibly amateurish attempts, the story finally reached the readable point. After it was done, somewhat, I closed my eyes and clicked send to Submission. 

Wayward Ink Publishing took interest, which surprised me greatly, but when the contract finally got signed last night, I think I will have more time to absord the fact it is finally getting published. It is romantic, a bit dark and kind of violent as the cannibalistic monster of legend is just that. I can't wait for editing, much as I absolutely hate the process, but it is a necessary evil. Also, it will make it readable!

I am currently working on Hidden: Dimensions among other things. Dimensions, again, is a tale based on local folklore. When that is done, I hope to submit it successfully so you can get to read it too.

Expected date of publication: December 2015/January 2016

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