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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Royal Guardian: Short Story for Anthology Contract Signed

Well, I risked it and submitted a sci-fi MM about a prince and his Royal Guardian. It's short and sweet and features an amazingly cute little pie whose identity I will hold close to my heart. For now. 

Signed the contract last night and hopefully it will get published by the end of this year. 

2015 is looking to be a good year for me, thanks to Wayward Ink Publishing who took a chance and is still taking chances. 

Warriors of Intergalactic Contention by Aquarim:

The plot bunnies are bursting to be written and I am not ignoring them. One short story down, another on the final edits stage before I close my eyes, send in as submission and pray it gets through. 

Don't forget! The Way You Look Tonight is coming this November and Hidden: Evils on January 2016. Will keep you posted if there are any changes in release schedules.

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