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Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Release Day!!! Exclusive Excerpt & #Giveaway: Men In Uniform: A Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology

Men In Uniform Cover
Title: Men in Uniform
Authors: Eric Gober, CJ Baty, Alina Popescu, Kassandra Lea, Asta Idonea, Eddy LeFey, Lily Velden, Jim Dunaway, Carol Pedroso, Jo Tannah
Genre:  Gay Romance, Military, Contemporary, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publshing

Like your boys in blue keeping the… peace?
Hot firemen dealing with… heat?
Naval Officers getting in way too… deep?
Perhaps you have a ‘thing’ for marines…
Or do you prefer your Men In Uniform to belong in the future?
Another galaxy?
Another time?
Wherever your love of a uniform leads you, MEN IN UNIFORM has something for you.

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Stories Included

ERIC GOBER Come to a land… Where epic battles rage… Among monsters, superheroes, and a very sexy cop. Love and war are funny business in Hollywood, U.S.A.


CJ BATY A blackmailer forced Stiles to leave his perfect life behind. Along the way, he found a new friend, a job as a Pinkerton Agent, and murder. Can Stiles find the murderer before he kills again?


ALINA POPESCU Sean never thought his military career would ever have him babysitting his ex who Sean hasn’t seen in six months. When best friend Tom finds out his younger brother Aiden is targeted, Sean drops everything to protect the man he still loves. Can two former lovers survive a weekend alone in the woods, or will the threat from within be more devastating than the one from outside?

KASSANDRA LEA Love beckons Officer Warden Brooks to the shadows of a desolate place. But his lover Tate Eldridge is so much more than a criminal, he’s a beautiful mystery.

ASTA IDONEA When his father loses the battle against Hrafnaheim, Prince Darius finds himself a political prisoner. Taken in chains to a dark and unfamiliar land, he begins to lose hope. But then Captain Morten Gunnarsson of the Palace Guards is assigned to watch over him. Now it is not just Darius’ body being held hostage, but also his heart.

EmperorsSlave EDDY LEFEY When the Draaduuri arrived on Earth many humans died. Captain Timothy Kellerman’s family was among them Now, a truce has been struck. He is the prize. Crown Prince Yuuhaan has instantly bonded with his slave. Can the prince keep his baser instincts in check long enough for Timothy to transform? To become the next great hope of the Draaduuri and the human race?

YesYesYes LILY VELDEN Go to Portsmouth, said my friends. It’s quieter. You’ll be able to write without distraction. They obviously hadn’t met my mysterious and elusive neighbour, Finn.… After all, what would a Friday night be without hearing Moaner, Gusher, or Squeaker screaming out their joy at being shagged senseless by the obviously talented Finn? Come to think of it, what would a Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night be without it either? Thank God for Mondays!

FirefighterMarineJIM DUNAWAY Apartment building fires are always tragic, even if everyone makes it out alive. But what happens when a person can’t make it out on their own? Brave firefighters must risk their lives in order to rescue trapped people. Lieutenant Kenny Whitfield is one such firefighter. Brave and somewhat reckless.  Lance Corporal Steve Martinson is one such person in need. When Kenny and Steve meet face to face in the hospital, well…

CAROL PEDROSO Franc has resigned himself to yet another year of pain and humiliation in order to complete his on ship training. Then along comes Zyph, with his sexy blue skin and probing questions… Will he be Franc’s Blue Knight?

Warrior and Dragon Seek to Destroy Those Who Had Dared Harm Their Prince.

My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

My Rating: Four out of five stars
Men in Uniform anthology
The Royal Guardian by Jo Tannah

Exclusive Excerpt from: 
The Royal Guardian

Brennus Palace, Oryon
Present Day
2345 (Universal Standard Calendar)

AS LANDO EXITED the Prawler and walked across the palace hangar, he was immediately
flanked by black-uniformed royal guardsmen. Lando observed the readied weapons but focused on getting to the king’s private office as quickly as possible. He approached a hovering transporter platform where a colonel stood in salute.

He perfunctorily returned the address as he stepped in beside the silent soldier while the guards stepped on a separate transporter. As they rose to the royal offices, Lando scanned the hangar below him. There was a sense of ordered chaos and Lando’s heart slammed in his chest. What could have happened? He feared for his prince’s life, blaming himself for letting Kallen go abroad to study while he went off to a secret mission. He should have been at his prince’s side, as he had always been.

“Lord Commander, permission to speak freely.”

Lando continued to observe the moving troops below him. His eyes scanned the forces assembling and the fighter ships being tugged into place. “Proceed, Colonel.”

“Sir, after you speak with His Majesty, you may want to go to the stables.”

“Clarify that statement, Colonel.”

“It’s Bobik, Lord Commander.”

Lando whipped his head to look at the soldier. “Bobik is out?”

“Yes, Lord Commander.”

“Since when?”

The soldier hung his head, unable to meet Lando’s angry glare. “Since last night, Lord Commander.”

Lando thought quickly. “Have Lieutenant Theranna proceed ahead of me. She should know how to help the hands contain Bobik, as he is somewhat familiar with her. I don’t want a scale harmed, do you understand me, Colonel?”

The colonel saluted. “As you order, Lord Commander.”

With a last look at the soldier, Lando stepped off the transporter platform. As he proceeded to
the king’s office, he was flanked once more by royal guardsmen, their weapons at the ready.


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