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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Men and Dragon Behind The Royal Guardian

I posted the announcement of The Royal Guardian getting published, and it is. The release date is December 18th. As excited as I was, I completely forgot to 'show' who inspired me to write about Kallen, Lando and Bobik.

Well, Lando and Kallen were inspired by these two images:

Kallen holding the technomage wand

Lando on his return to his home planet 
(I saw this in DeviantArt but could not figure out who did this amazing artwork. I thank the artist, whoever you are.)

And then, there is Bobik. 

The Royal Guardian is dedicated to Bobik, an Aussie sweet, little reptile who really does exist.

Aka Bobik the Bobtail (aka Teliliqua Rugosa rugosa)

Who is Bobik? Where in my story Bobik is referred to as male, massively powerful and a bit of a jester, in truth, she is a sweet and manipulative little reptile that could. She is the sweetest lizard (I'm a dog person okay!) who loves snails, bananas and yogurt. She loves to cuddle up to her momma in bed (I don't think it's really love? More like, she seeks the warmth?) and at times, the house cat who tolerates her diva-ness.

She is pet and baby of a good friend and author: Mahlee Ashwynne who is also featured in this story as the irascible Doctor Candor.

Here are some adorable pics of the dragonette that could.


  1. Aw, she's a real sweetie. We have our own little dragon who is also as affectionate as can be

    1. I don't normally go for lizards but Bobik's sort of crawled into my heart. Maybe because Mahlee dumps all her pics on messenger and makes sure I don't miss out on the little miss' shenanigans. Like stealing marshmallows... or a chicken bone.