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Friday, March 11, 2016

Compelled is finally ready!

It's official!

My sci-fi novella, Compelled, is scheduled for release on April 1, 2016. No, it's not April Fool's, I refuse to acknowledge that :D 

I know, I know, it was supposed to be out March 15th but we needed to make sure all was right before the final step and in the process, had to move to April. What matters is, it's finally ready! 

I'm so excited about this one as it was actually my first attempt to writing a sci-fi even if Royal Guardian was published first. Compelled was written listening to an indie music that I love and it's lyrics served as inspiration, much like how my Standards Series were written. The lyrics are science fiction lamenting about star crossed lovers who were trapped on their separate planets and the only way to be together was to die and join each other in spirit. Well, I don't like death so I twisted it for a dimensional leap where my men can be truly together and spite all the odds. 

Do you believe in dreams? That’s how I found Ryan. Unfortunately, I could not be with him then, not until he took that final leap of faith. You see, I come from a distant star and coming from another planet is problematic. Coming from a planet where the atmosphere is different from Earth makes it even more complicated.
Despite my father’s caution, I went to Earth. I was compelled because of my love for Ryan. I wanted him to come home with me but he would have to suffer through the change to survive. I wanted to be with him on Earth but its atmosphere is toxic to my kind.
I was caught between two different worlds and longed for at least one more hour on that planet so I could be with Ryan. What I wouldn’t give, just to feel his skin against mine, to taste his lips on my mouth. What I wouldn’t give, just to get lost in his embrace once more.
I am Q’lan. This is our story. It is not long but it was difficult. I am glad that I can tell it now with Ryan in my arms.

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