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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

R.I.P. Snowball

For two years they kept you in a cage
They finally set you free by tying you by my door, leaving you for dead
Six months I hand fed you, made sure your food was soft enough to chew on
Six months I made sure your muscles worked, taught you how to walk again and finally to run free
You ran like the wind, my little ball of fur
Trusting no one but me 
As suddenly as you came into my life, you leave me
Twelve years you ruled this house 
You were a true white alpha bitch
The larger dogs cowered at your presence
You trusted no one but me
You extended the trust to the girls
Made sure the man fed you bread every morning as the breakfast you deserved
Twelve years you gave your unconditional love and protected the house
You trusted me enough to know when to let go
Love you my little Snowball
Run free like the wind

(?2002 - 03.14.2016)

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