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Sunday, October 23, 2016

What's going on and what to expect

Image result for winter rosesBefore I begin with what to expect in the near future, let me just thank you all for the huge support. Taboo and Objectified got into the Best Sellers' list both on eXtasy Books and All Romance. Objectified went on and became a bestseller in Australia at one point. Awed. Surprised. Happy. Thankful. Humbled. Thank you again.

Now, what's going on?

Well, I am not really one to spill anything until the last minute, but as I am bored out of my head from forced rest, by the kids, I think I will talk. Not spill all, but some. Here goes. This coming December, I have two, yes, you read right, TWO holiday books coming up. One is a sci-fi/fantasy novella and the other, a contemporary one. Both are now with eXtasy so it's a wait and see on exact publication dates.

The sci-fi/fantasy novella is, I'm thinking, a stand-alone. I'm not sure yet, it depends on the reception and what my readers think. It's set on a different planet and is full of magic, lore, legend and science fiction rolled into one gooey, sweet romance. The other one, okay, I accidentally spilled the beans one day when a fan asked point blank about my tease on my FB page. Needless to say, Taboo 1.5 is coming this December, so make sure to check it out.

Now, how about Wayward Ink Publishing books?

Due to some unforeseen circumstance, all publications are on hold, but, to date, there are two books expected to be released from there by 2017, and by then, there should be an additional one, or two more books coming. They are all of the sci-fi/fantasy genre. One is a sequel to Royal: Guardian and the other is part of an anthology.

What am I doing now?

Image result for fantasy forest castle

I am attempting to finish this urban fantasy novella that I've been writing for a while now. Think: 365 x 2 days. It's difficult as it's based on a true tale told me by a good friend of my mother's and I want to make everything right, according to his words and experiences. I'm adding my twist here, but the mm part is real. Hint? Uhm... well, take a look at this image and see what you think?

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