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Monday, December 19, 2016

Reblog: A Taboo Christmas as Reviewed by Serena Yates on 15-December-2016

Thank you to Rainbow Book Reviews and Serena Yates for this awesome review of A Taboo Christmas!

Theoretically Christmas should be bringing people closer together, especially family members. But somehow that doesn’t always seem to work, and ‘A Taboo Christmas’ is a case in point. Zach and Tristan have been together for a while (see ‘Taboo’ where they meet), but with the twenty-three year age difference and Zach’s father being Tristan’s best friend, they know to expect some issues. Nothing could have prepared them for the chaos that ensues when Zach’s Filipino grandparents come for an unannounced Christmas visit. I enjoyed the family problems and watching how Zach and Tristan dealt with them, despite the fact I have not read the first book. This works very well as a standalone.
The whirlwind who is Zach’s grandmother has everyone dancing to her tune in no time. She has accepted that Zach is gay a long time ago, and seeing him paired up with the much older Tristan doesn’t seem to faze her either. But she has definite ideas about how the holidays should be celebrated, and she doesn’t listen to anyone – not even the fact that they are mostly vegetarian and she is intent on preparing a ton of traditional meat-based dishes stops her. Zach and Tristan’s ability to keep a cool head under stressful conditions is severely tested. They also have trouble finding enough time to connect as a couple, but they do their best to meet any and all challenges. Very cute!
If you like big family celebrations and the chaos they can cause, and if you’re looking for a read about a couple dedicated to each other no matter what, then you might like this short story.

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