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Monday, April 24, 2017

Sneak Peek to Taboo Pleasures #Taboo #mm #erotic #MayDecember #romance

This is a work in progress. This is a draft, so excuse the errors, please ~ Jo

"Oh, didn’t your mother tell you? We decided to fly to San Francisco earlier than scheduled. She wanted to do some shopping before the cruise.”
Tristan’s face didn’t change expression and Zach shifted on his feet when the grip on his hand tightened painfully.
“I see,” Tristan said, drawing out the words. A quick smile and he bent to kiss his mother’s cheek. “Well, have a nice vacation.”
“We will,” Marcia said, turning toward Joshua and tilting her head up for a kiss. “Dean, we need to get back to the babies and I’m sure the sitter would be wanting to get home.”
Joshua leaned down and pressed his cheek against Marcia’s, kissing the air. Zach schooled his expression, he’d never seen Joshua so formal before and wondered at his behavior. When he straightened, Zach had a clear view of his face and what he saw surprised him. Joshua’s expression was alien on his normally cheerful one. Instead, there was a steely countenance to it, a look that much reflected Tristan’s. Distant and reserved.
“Goodbye, Grandma, Grandpa,” Joshua said politely. “I’ll make sure to send you pictures and a video of the wedding. I’m certain you’d love to see me looking my best as Zach’s best man. Uncle Jon is Dad’s, in case you didn’t know.”
“Yes, well,” Marcia said. “I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful affair.”
“Wedding, Grandma, it’s Dad and Zach’s wedding. Now, let me take you out so you can go home to your dogs.” Joshua crooked his arm toward Marcia whose face leached of all expression. To Zach, it revealed more than hid her actual thoughts and feelings. Watching her place her arm on Joshua’s and allowing him to lead her out Margaret’s house was the best thing that ever happened that night.
“Finally, let’s have some fun tonight,” Tristan said beside him. Zach took one last look at the Maxwells retreating backs before allowing Tristan to walk him toward where Jon and Joanna stood beside a relieved-looking Margaret.

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