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Monday, October 2, 2017

RIP Dear Irene. I'll Miss You.

I got terrible news today. I learned that a good online friend and confidant, Irene (not her real name), died of health complications. She'd been in and out of the hospital for some time and she'd been saying she was running out of time. Time ran out for dear Irene and I'll miss her too much.

No automatic alt text available.I never met her in person, but I did talk to her quite a lot. We never let it know to any that we were in constant contact and that she held that gentle whip to steer me in the right direction. It was thanks to Irene that two of my works, Hidden Series and Rise of the Symbionts were developed. Way back when I had no idea how to put thoughts into words the way an author would do it, she gave me the feedback and the guidance on how to put my thoughts to paper and make them readable.

It was thanks to Irene that I dedicated these two series I'd penned, especially Bobik and Dobik, who've both been immortalized as the Dragon Symbiont wonders. Her alter-ego, Dr. Candor, was also the inspiration and the name behind one of the characters in the series. It was thanks to her words of encouragement that my daughter decided to go for a degree in Law. Sadly, we were looking forward to seeing each other come Jan 2019 when I'm scheduled to go to Australia.

Irene was one of my original beta readers for she insisted I continue sending her my works and be given the chance to go over my work and criticize it to a better version.  She was a friend and I'll miss her terribly. I promised her that I would continue Bobik and Dobik's story. I will continue their stroy. I'm just sad that she'll never know the extent to which these two beautiful dragons will prove their might and wonder.

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