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Friday, December 1, 2017

Oops! I Did It Again this round of December: #Releases, #Sale, & #MM more @MickanAnn @headoutofoven

Once again it's the season to be jolly and boy, do I have some joy to give you 😍

I've got two releases this month of December.

December 5th, A Lemon Flavoured Christmas
This is part of the 2017 eXtasy Books Stocking Stuffers. This is  I've co-written with Ann Mickan which began with The Lemonade Stand.

A Lemon Flavoured Christmas' picks up where The Lemonade Stand left the boys and follows them into the hot Australian Christmas season. This is the second instalment of The Boys' Next Door Series

Lemonade can be an acquired taste.
After recently meeting again over Ian’s twin sisters’ lemon-ade stand, Michael Alexander and Ian Hamilton have given in to an attraction that Ian had been fantasising about for years and Michael couldn’t resist.
With big decisions to be made and family responsibilities and expectations to be taken into account, how will these two young men navigate the beginnings of an intense and consuming relationship? Will Michael’s maturity and stead-fastness outweigh Ian’s insecurities and tendency to play games?
As the holiday season quickly approaches through the Australian summer heat, the boys must address the heat that is constantly simmering between them, threatening to ex-plode like a Christmas cracker at any moment.

Here's a little snippet from one of my favourite scenes ...

“Behave, I’m driving here,” Michael reprimanded him, but not in a stern way. His eyes flicked over in his direction before looking back to the road. There was an indulgent smile on his lips.
“I know,” Ian said, a cheeky smile tugging at his mouth. “But, if I was misbehaving, I would’ve done this.” He reached for Michael’s crotch and gave him a quick squeeze.
Michael sucked in a sharp breath and almost growled. “Ian!” Ian bit the inside of his lower lip when he saw Michael’s white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel.
“Or, maybe this.” He rubbed his palm firmly up and down along the zipper of Michael’s jeans. He wasn’t disappointed by the instant response.
“Ian! Seriously!” Michael shifted in his seat. “If you want to make it home alive, you’d better stop that.” Although Michael sounded serious, he could see the beginnings of a grin stretching across his face and hear a chuckle just below the surface of his words.
“You really want me to stop?” Ian asked, forming the pout on his lips that he’d already worked out drove Michael to distraction. “But, what if I did this?”
December 15th, Christmas Unwrapped
This is a spin-off story to my Taboo Series and features Joshua, the eldest son of Tristan and one of Zachary's best friends. He finds his on happily-ever-after. Who knows what the future may bring, but for now, this will end the series.

Christmas only comes once a year, but love lasts a lifetime.
No one would consider Joshua Maxfield shy or standoffish. Fact is, he’d never had a hard time enjoying the holidays. Not this year. This Christmas, he is feeling lonely and insecure for the first time in his life.
Josua Miranda had always been an aggressive lawyer, however, for matters of the heart, he is reserved. He saw Joshua enter his firm as an intern three months before and immediately recognized fate's intercession.

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