Saturday, December 2, 2017

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Davis slowly rose from the water, the water shedding off his skin, making Tarek wonder how it would feel to his touch. When Davis stood directly in front of him, the look on his face turned from mischief to being torn. It was as if he wanted to walk away and yet couldn’t. Tarek felt exactly the same way.
The air between them charged with electricity. Caught in a daze of desire, Tarek reached out and brushed a strand of wet hair from Davis’s forehead. The setting sun lent a beautiful orange cast to his features and Tarek couldn’t help notice how it made Davis look like he were a painting. Incredibly, Davis turned into his touch and somehow, Tarek felt himself getting pulled against the solid wall of Davis’s chest, where the skin felt cool and slick against his. The brush of a hard cock against his own sent tremors through him.
“What do you want?” Tarek whispered. 
Davis drew in a harsh breath before his gaze settled on Tarek’s.

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