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Monday, March 12, 2018

Going through the process of removing all of my self-published books from all the vending sites

I have several books that I self-published years ago. As I can't enjoy the fruits of my labor because of some technicalities with a paying affiliate, I will rewrite these titles, get them re-edited, and eventually redistributed through eXtasy Books. Those who follow me know the difficulties I've been having getting my royalties from Amzn. They pay, I just can't touch my money from their affiliate paying thingy. I've given up after staring at the $ and I can't touch it. I'm no masochist, I am hurting, but I don't like not doing anything or giving up. I am going to do something about the whole thing.
So. Watch out! Those titles may be old, but next you see them, they'll be longer, sexier, and a whole lot better. Until then, watch out for future announcements. 

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