Monday, May 28, 2018

2 #Comingsoon #eXbdd #summershorts releasing this June 17th and 23rd #mm #erotic #romance #ZachandTris #Taboo

Now I can talk about it, I am super excited to announce that I've got 2 summer shorts releasing this June.

 Blurb: Grass Stains and Flip Flops
Word Count: 8000+
Date of Release: 17-Jun-18 Grass Stains and Flip Flops

Every summer has its own story.

In the aftermath of his break-up with a cheating boyfriend, Chris Flannigan wanted to get away from everything and everyone, especially his overprotective family. His brother's best friend and all-time crush showing up at the beach house and deciding to stay wasn't something he wanted either.

Vince McFarlane had loved Chris since they were young. Now that he was finally without a boyfriend, Vince wasn't going to let him get away. He'd waited long enough.

As the summer temperatures rise, the heat between Chris and Vince ignites.

Blurb: The Summer Knows
Word Count: 4000+
Date of Release: 23-Jun-18 The Summer Knows (Taboo 2.5)

Once their bodies meet, the temperature sizzles.

The summer sun kindles the love between Tristan and Zachary. After a glorious year of married life, the two of them could not get enough of each other.

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