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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Exciting News! I made it for #Impact

Sorry, I wasn't able to post this after I found out, but I did post about it on FB. Anyway, here goes:

300 words was the challenge. Making sure it had a beginning, a middle, and an end. I'd done it before, but failed on the second try. Third time around, and I got through. The competition was steep with authors from all genre submitting the most incredible sci-fi flash fiction on the theme of Impact. 182 stories were submitted, only 110 chosen.

Well, I made it through. Below is the list of those who made it. It's in alphabetical order so feel free to scroll through the titles. *doinghappydance*

Impact - Pixabay

20-20 Hindsight – Rose Blackthorn
A Coven of Three – Daniel Linde-Zwirble
A Date With History – Jayne Lockwood
A Fair Trade – Enne Lily
A Little Bump – Ava Kelly
A Roll of the Dice – Katelyn Kivel
A Terrible Beauty Is Born – Rory Ni Coileain
A Test of Loyalties – Louise M. Kiner
All About Eve – Clare London
Amends – Isa Prospero
“Anything is Possible” Day – Jean-Paul Whitehall
Apparition Adventure – Jana Denardo
At Cliff’s Edge – Mindy Leana Shuman
Athena – Victoria Zelvin
Awaken=[ME] – Robert A. Morrison
Changeling – Pelaam
Civil War – Kevin Klehr
Clickbait – Dave Ring
Come to You – Jillian Bost
Counter Strike – Joshua Ian
Cradled in Space – Tia Liet
Crater Lake – Kora Knight
Crossville Station – Nathan Alling Long
Cyborg Hearts Don’t Break – M. X. Kelly
Day One – KC Faelan
Deadline – Ilona Fenton & Ayla O’Donovan
Death’s Kiss – Kethric Wilcox
Disappear – April Kelley
Dream a Little Dream – Morticia Knight
Earth to Earth – J. P. Egry
Eye of the Beholder – Lloyd A. Meeker
Fangs & Floss – Eytan Bernstein
Final Impression – Elizabeth Kilcoyne
First Bout: Andromedolls vs. Crotch Rockets – Ginger Streusel
Godfather of the Brides – Trip Galey
Golden Fleece – Naomi Tajedler
Grand Aspirations – Riza Curtis
Half Light – Wendy Rathbone
How Humanity Survived A Fisting From The Titans – LE Franks
I, Enlil – Harry F. Rey
I.M.P.A.C.T. (Interplanetary Military Police Alien Control Team) – LM Somerton
Identity and Change – Jo Tannah
If You Fall Off, Don’t Let Go – Belinda McBride
Imp Act – Kim Fielding
Impact – Jack Ladd
Impact of Intervention – Patricia Scott
In Five… Four… Three… – Jude Dunn
Indestructible – Amir Lane
Jealousy – Dianne Hartsock
LA, Circa 1980 – Colton Aalto
Legacy – L.V. Lloyd
Line of Fire – Steve Fuson
Little Head, Big head, Big head – Rob Rosen
Long Live the Tyrant King – Olivia Helling
Love and Sacrifice – Bryony Kayn
Love Tap – Dale Corvino
Low Tech Impact – Tray Ellis
Mas Mabuti Ang Aswang – Foster Bridget Cassidy
Maybe So – Hildie S. Block
Misfortune – A.M. Leibowitz
Moment of Awareness – Cynthia Kimball
Momentary Impact – Brett Steven McKenzie
Moon Shadow – RL Mosswood
Mourning – Nevi Star and Dani Hermit
Moutoa – Anne Barwell
Move – Liz Tetu
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – Siobhan Muir
Not Really a Choice – Faith Gibson
Oh Muddy Day – Cam Kennedy
Quiet – Andrea Speed
Quintessence – E.M. Hamill
Railgun Impact – R.R. Angell
Remember – Lucy Marker
Renovations – MD Grimm
Ripples and Regret – Hannah Henry
Rivalry – Laure Nepenthes
Secret Identity – Rob Colton
Settled – Aidee Ladnier
Shatter – Lou Sylvre
Sickle in the Sky – Rin Sparrow
Signing Off – Rodney Ross
Stranded at the Mouth of the Time-Tunnel, Gilchrist Loses a Lucky Penny – Carey Ford Compton
Taking Her Place – Sally Bend
Tap-Tap-Tap – R.L. Merrill
The Bargain – Sara L. Uckelman
The Closet – K.S. Trenten
The Dead – Andrea Lambert
The Earth Looks After Her Own – Evelyn Benvie
The Festival of the Arrival – C. M. Taylor
The Heat of the Dragon – Riley S. Keene
The I in Consent – Albert Stewart
The Last Goodbye – E.W. Murks
The Moment Of – Monique Cuillerier
The Sacred Shadow – Kellie Doherty
The Soul Star – Matt Doyle
The Stars Are Knocking – Alicia Cole
The Tiger’s Tooth – E R Zhang
The Touch of G – Eloreen Moon
Thirteen Nails – Bradley Robert Parks
Three Grains of Sand – G. Halasz
Thunk – Karen Thrower
Together, Again – Steve Carr
Two Hearts – J.R. Frontera
Unparalleled – Christine Wright
Visitors – LJ Phillips
Waiting for Michael – Sadie Rose Bermingham
Welcome – Blaine D. Arden
Whither Ararat – Andi Deacon
Wind Tossed – Ashby Danvers
You Can’t Rush the Kimchi – Brenda Noiseux

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