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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! To the people I am thankful to #eXbdd

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In the Philippines, we don't normally celebrate Thanksgiving for obvious reasons. However, the internet has changed all of that, and many of us here have (online)friends abroad who do. Filipinos love to celebrate, we even borrow holidays just for the sake of celebrating. 
Celebration for us means lots of food on the table where the family and friends gather around to share the goodies. Most times, the host of the celebration does all the cooking, but potluck is becoming a norm as well. It's great to taste the delicious specialty foods that each friend or family bring along. 

For this year, I am truly thankful for all of the opportunities and blessings that came my and my family's way. I am also grateful to my detractors, for they did distract me for a while and I allowed them to, but in the end, I persevered and am now a much stronger person than before. Also, I would like to thank my publisher, eXtasy Books. I have not been truly active this year, but I continue to enjoy their support. To my readers. Truly, you amaze me every day. You keep me up, especially when I see good (& bad) reviews. You all make me want to be a better writer so you can continue to read more stories. To my friend and co-author, Ann Mickan. Dear, you I love. I also thank you for being who you are and staying strong. To my cover artist and co-author in the eXtasy Books stable, Angela Waters a.k.a. Taryn Jameson. I thank you for your continued strength. You make me see the good in all of us. To my boss Tina Haveman. You may spank me once in a while, but you do it with love, and that I thank you for you make me continue to grow. To Laura MacNellis. Dear editor. Editor dearest :D And then there's Jay and Bri, the women who scare me the mostest and are the bestest support in eXtasy. You are superwomen! 
This year has been pretty extraordinary. I rediscovered someone who I grew up with and sat next to in school. Someone who I called my best friend way back in highschool. Isobelle Cate (Mia), reconnecting was exciting and a blessing. Love you, girl!
I can't let this thanking post go without mentioning these four wonderful and beautiful women. All online friends, but are buddies all around. Susan Mac Nicol, Alina Popescu, Bronwyn Heeley, and Lynn Michaels. Girls!!!!! You are always there. Whenever I want to disappear, you pull me out of the hole and kick my ass. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Finally, to all of my friends, here and abroad, be you here with us in the flesh or remain anonymous online, I wish you the bestest Thanksgiving this year. 

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