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I've been asked a lot about my books, especially the series ones. I have several. The common question is why I write the way I do. I fin...

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Burned by love. Reignited by passion. When paranormal beings get scorched to their core.

I'm so happy to be a part of this exciting and incredibly sexy eXtasy Books' Special Collection: Scorched Souls.
When I saw the submission call for this, the idea of Jonathan and Timothy's relationship bloomed and I just had to drop everything and write their story. This is one of the fastest, developing story that broke the walls of my writing block. Thanks to Timothy, I found my writing mojo once more.
I hug Timothy close to my heart. His story is unusual, a bit sad and full of loneliness. His finding, or getting found, by Jonathan, made him whole
Him being an incubus. Well. You'll have to read and discover for yourself.


A not so typical love story.

This isn't your typical love at first sight or friends to lovers story. It's more of a lover-slash-horror story. You see, Jonathan fell in love with an incubus. Although, to be fair to him, at first Jonathan thought Timothy was just a ghost.

 Estimated Publish Date: July 26, 2019
Remember! Amazon and other affiliate links won't be up until two weeks after the launch date.

Friday, July 19, 2019

When Will The Drama Ever Cease? Cancel Culture in the MM Writing World

Toxic. That's the word that comes to mind when I am met day after day after day with drama. It doesn't matter what kind of drama, they're all downers, but it's especially the toxic types of drama that could have been and should be avoided.

The resulting cancel culture does not detoxify, it intensifies.

The latest drama came about because of an author who confessed to wrongdoing. The confession was real, the wrongdoing was also real. Hence the drama. He made a mistake, now he's owning up to it. He is not hiding in any way. He has admitted to misjudging the situation.

But it wasn't because he meant to do harm, he didn't. On the contrary, his actions were meant for good. Only, the end result was the complete opposite. Disastrous, in fact. This is very sad and upsetting for everyone involved.

Now, before any of you get ruffled, calm down. Let's try to see how and why the drama happened.

  • Author makes a mistake. 
  • The mistake, before it was discovered as one, got some people involved. 
  • Everyone involved also made mistakes because they didn't investigate. 
  • When the facts of the situation came out, everyone turned around and started pointing their fingers at the author.
  • Cancel culture takes effect.

All this drama and calls for canceling this author could have been avoided if only the author didn't react in a knee-jerk type of response. Without doing the proper background checking, he reached out to help. He called in a support group and they, again without proper investigation, helped him help the one who was supposedly in need.

The Lure of the dark WEB

Like all webs, things can get blown its way which can get caught, and eventually stuck. 

Image result for spiders webOkay, so the author got catfished. He got lured and got caught in the web of lies. This is a big deal for some, and not for others. Because, you know, the author should have known better. Things get a nasty turn.

My take on this is, yes, the author should have known better. Those who got lured and trapped alongside him, also should have known better.

All poindexters say they all should have known better.


What's not right is how the other authors, and some readers, are turning the mistake into a drama-filled, emotion-filled, self-pity party because they got triggered.

Say what? Who said this is about you?

Were we not talking about an author who confessed he got catfished and fell for it hook, line, and sinker and realized his mistake and is utterly, from the depths of his soul, sorry about it?

Why is this suddenly about you? When has this become about you?????

Why go online, screaming at the top of your lungs, of how dare this author use your abuse for his dramatic gains so he could increase sales? 

Did I miss something? 

The author is devastated and embarrassed to the point of self-flagellation. He didn't do his homework and has made a public apology for making a major mistake. He owned up to it. And for me, him owning up to it was one of the bravest things I'd ever witnessed. 

Raise your hands those of you who have never, EVER!, made a mistake. (He who shall cast the first stone yada yada yada)

Am I hearing crickets? 

If you can, that's because all of us have made mistakes, maybe not as bad as this one, but close. 

JM Wolf, he owned up to it and is readily facing the backlash. He is embarrassed, he is most probably emotionally distressed, and is physically feeling battered. Because he owned up to a huge mistake, he has lost supposed online friends and readers.


Cancel Culture. 

  • Let's all turn a mistake into a Mortal Sin. 
  • Let's all turn our backs on him and ignore his presence and existence. 
  • Let's call in the armed fansforces and have them turn their backs on him. 
  • Not ever going to bother buying his books again. Let's just make mincemeat out of him and his mistake. 
  • He is not good enough for our community, he is a toxic presence. Let's boot him out.
  • Oh, and on that note, let's post on our walls about how we are the only ones suffering and more readers should turn our way because we are the true sufferers of abuse.

Holy. Camote. (I wanted to use a different word starting with an S and ending with a T, but nvm...)

Lord in Heaven above, keep me grounded and logically sane.

JM made a mistake. An honest one. It wasn't that he pretended to make the mistake or that he had ulterior motives like boosting his book sales. No. So stop putting words in his mouth or accusing him of acting in a manner he never even did. 

JM is not a catfisher. He got victimized by one. All those who got involved were victimized by these kids who thought it would be fun to play on the emotions of others for a buck.

And now, we, the ones who lurk in the sidelines and who are focusing on writing our stories are left to endure with the woe-unto-me posts by those who have never, ever, made a mistake of their own.

*Insert roll eyes emoji*  

Really? Not only is that playing on the nerves and emotions of others (points to self) it is totally uncalled for. Why is it this particular drama about you? How or when exactly did you get inserted into the situation?

Gasp. Wait!

You inserted yourself into the narrative.

I get it now. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

ღ (¯`v´¯) .`•.¸.•´ ★ Midnight’s Redemption is live! ¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨) (¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`* By Isobelle Cate

Categories: paranormal, romance, cynncruors, vampire-werewolf hybrids

#FREE on Kindle Unlimited

A Cynn Cruor warrior who pays the ultimate price bumps into the woman he knows is destined for him. But how can he give her the love he has when both the Cynn Cruors and the Scatha Cruors want him dead? 
Mackenzie Butler, a former Scatha Cruor, has been incarcerated in The Hamilton’s dungeon for the last four years while he is being treated by Firebinders Faith Hannah and Marek Bannach. When an opportunity to escape The Hamilton’s Faesten arises, he takes it to fulfil one mission: the eradication of the Scatha Cruors in Leeds. But there is a sexy spanner in the works: Jasmine Angelico. 
The woman who immediately owns his heart. 
As Jasmine prepares for her holiday, she and her dog, Mutt are abducted... though abduction might not be the right word. Her unusual abductor whisks her away from the very people she believes are guilty of her family’s murder. Trapped in her kidnapper’s house, she gets to know Mack Butler more than she should. It’s just too bad that her heart is compromised when she falls for her handsome and enigmatic kidnapper. 
A deadly secret is revealed that leads to a fight for the right to claim Jasmine. Sacrifices must be made to keep the peace within the ranks of the Cynn Cruors.
Jasmine and Mack may not have a chance to find their happily ever after...
This is the 9th book in the Isobelle Cate’s Bestselling Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series.
CONTENT WARNING: This story contains adult language and sexual situations and intended for audiences 18+ ONLY

Monday, June 10, 2019

Old Men In My House: A True Tale of Getting Pranked by Supernatural Beings

Growing up, I lived in a huge house. It wasn't old, but the land it stood on was known for its supernatural dwellers. My grandparents didn't believe in such things, especially my grandfather who was a well-educated man. My grandmother didn't believe in such things either. Although I wondered how she knew all the tales and never hesitated to use them as an arsenal against us naughty children. My father was different. He loved to tell tales of the supernatural, most of which were based on his own experiences. If you are familiar with my Hidden Series, those are just samples of the tales he told me as a child. And I used to love listening to him, especially in the dark of too-hot nights that made sleep elusive. So, I guess you can say that as I grew up, the supernatural was fact. And this is where my tale begins.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Congratulations on your #NewRelease! #Contumancy @TarynJameson @GabriellaBrad #eXbdd

Earth is a cesspool of poverty and disease ruled over by one government, the World Leadership Organization, known as WLO. They will do anything to protect the wealthy, including sanction and fund the Institute—a highly classified facility that experiments on children and babies, then trains them to become emotionless killers.

Ripped from their families, sold, stolen, or kidnapped off the streets, these children and babies become the tools of the Institute and WLO to eliminate those that stand in the way of furthering their intergalactic agenda.

They are the Veiled Eliminators.

We are unique. We are the best. There is no one on Earth like us, and there never will be. We will succeed. We are strong beyond belief. We are the eliminators, and no one can touch us.

Read More for Book 5: Contumancy

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Update: The WIPs and What's Coming Next

Image result for a calling birdCurrent WIP: Too many LOL
Let me break it down for you.

At this minute, I just closed Chapter Four of A Calling Bird, my take on the 12 Days of Christmas 2019 eXtasy Books Call For Submissions. I have three or four more to go, so hopefully, I should be done this Sunday. I put a pretty tight schedule for myself. I aim to finish at least one chapter a day. Easily done on normal days. Unfortunately, there are quite a few distractions. This is the reason why I decided to get off social media for a while until I finish it. But then I got distracted and decided to give you guys an update.

Another in the works is Tarragon Rising. This is the fourth installment to the Rise of the Symbionts Vol. I series I got going.

Third...I am not quite sure what this is exactly, but it's definitely a Hidden installment. October is coming up and I want this done and out by then.

Taboo, the fifth installment is in the works. I'm not sure when this is going to be released. I'll give another update as soon as.

Now, what's Coming Soon? Three books. All three are short paranormals, again, sorry about that. I know some of you don't really like novellas, but I love writing them. Also, when I saw the call, I knew I needed to get the stories out there.

        • Staked: Unchained, with Lynn Michaels: Unchain the vampire? Let the carnage begin.
        • Scorched Souls: His Gentle Incubus: A not so typical love story.
        • Staked: The Knockers: Can a vampire be mastered?

What about the others? Well, they're on hold until I get through with my current ones. Until then, take advantage of the Mother's Day Savings Event. It's good until May 16th...that's only hours left! Click HERE for my back titles and enjoy great discounts.

Here's the cover for His Gentle Incubus. This is the same cover for all of the books included in the Scorched Souls books.


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

How To Read My Stories So No One Freaks Out

I've been asked a lot about my books, especially the series ones. I have several. The common question is why I write the way I do. I find that strange. Why ask me that? I mean, it is my imagination that's working here, so there is no why, only when. When shall I finish? When will I release the next installments? Another question I will willingly answer is the how. How do I write? How do I process the stories in my head? How does one read your series?

That last question has been added because lately, I've been finding myself trying to explain a whole lot of things regarding the hows of reading my stories. So. Here's my reply to some of those readers who have reached out (most have not).


That's it. There's no complicated process to it. With that advise in mind, please also remember that coming in on the 3rd or 4th of the series and getting lost is to be expected. Why? Because when I write an ongoing series, it means it is an ongoing story. Meaning, other books will be released and these will continue the original or first book.

List of Ongoing Series

(Please take note, there are other volumes to follow. I know there's Volume II)

Things are somewhat different with my Hidden Series and Tales From the Archipelago. These are a collection of stories, rather than ongoing. Each story is a stand-alone. None of the men know each other, they don't even live in the same timelines or countries. Sometime I will drop another and it won't affect the reading.

I hope this clears things up a bit. Now let me go back to my long overdue update on my WIPs which are piling up as we speak.

Have fun reading my stories and if you can leave an encouraging review, please do.

P.S. My stories are romance-based. They are all HEA or HFN. All are erotic, so for those who get a little shocked, please be reminded, I write erotic gay stories. Oh! And all my men are adults and have consensual sex. Peace!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

#Tarragon now available on Amazon for #PreOrder #mm #erotic #fantasy #romance

Tarragon is now available for Preorder over at Amazon. It will go wider as the weeks progress. I'll continue to edit this post to include all the links it will be sold from.

***And contrary to some claims, NO MY BOYS DON"T BREAK UP!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Check This Out! When It’s All Said & Done by Denise N. Wheatley

Hi Everyone! I'm so happy to be sharing my friend, Denise  N. Wheatley's latest contemporary romance novel with you.  When It’s All Said & Done was released March 1st courtesy of Red Sage Publishing, and she's given us a blurb, book trailer, and exclusive excerpt for all of you to enjoy!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Tarragon, Rise of the Symbionts Book 4 #BookTrailer #mm #erotic #scifi #fantasy #romance

Sharing with you the book trailer to my soon-to-be-released 4th installment to the Rise of the Symbiont Series: Tarragon

I hope you like it 

Monday, March 25, 2019

This Just In! #CoverReveal His Gentle Incubus #mm #paranormal #erotic #romance #eXbdd

Image may contain: 1 person, text

A not so typical love story.

Jonathan fell in love with an incubus, although, to be fair, at first he thought Timothy was a ghost.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

#CopyPasteCris My Take On The Latest Brouhaha of #Plagiarism In The Writing World: STOP APOLOGIZING!

Another scandal has hit the writing community. Another author (some say she doesn't deserve the title as she was caught red-handed to copy-pasting and hiring a ghostwriter) has been named and shamed: Cristiane Serruya. You can Google her name and the articles flood in: at last glance of the #CopyPasteCrisList, she had plagiarized no less than twenty-three six nine ( 23 26 29) - yes! 2369!! works including recipes ladies and gents. To make it clearer: 29 books from 26 different authors, 2 recipes, and 2 articles. (I've had to edit this part several times as the numbers kept changing on me). As the hours pass by, the list is getting longer and stranger. I mean, she plagiarized a recipe for crying out loud. To add insult to injury (I don't know who is injured so please, bear with me) SHE NEVER PAID THE GHOSTWRITERS!  Que horror!

No one can make this up! 

Of course, just like all of the (legitimate) authors out there, I am enraged but at the same time understanding of why she went this route. Enraged because she scammed everyone into getting into the coveted New York Best Seller list and made money off everyone by duping them, and she basically stole from the authors not only their words, but their thoughts and then their money. Talk about ...I won't say it! I won't!

As for understanding...well...greed peeps. Greed.

Why am I so angry about this? Well, it's because I woke up this morning and I was reading all these authors who are posting on their FB walls and blogs that they are legitimate authors who write from the heart out of their own talents. They were defending themselves! One was defending their speed in writing because they had been called out as someone who couldn't possibly write that fast. Another was saying they write too slow and should not even been considered included in the list. Whatever list that is, I don't know. Another was saying that they were or had been ghostwriters in the past or know of ghostwriters who make an honest living. 

Come on, peeps! What's with all this blaming all of a sudden? 

I agree. I know where you're all coming from. Cristiane Serruya cheated and she got caught. She did it. She is the one blaming the game on the anonymous ghostwriter she hired off Fivrr or however you spell it. She had the audacity to submit her plagiarized work to the Rita competition by Romance Writers of America, the same competition where the real author of the work Serruya plagiarized got rejected for whatever reason. Another point to consider, it was not Fivrr's fault either. What Serruya did she did out of her own volition, out of her own manipulations, and her own considerations. She, as a purported lawyer knew that once she is found out, people would call her out. So stop blaming and pointing accusatory fingers on those who are not involved in this scam. Stop apologizing for someone else's machinations. Stop pointing the fingers to yourselves.

No one should say sorry, only Serruya should say sorry. No one should apologize. Only Serruya has to apologize. So please. Stop it. Don't feel guilty if you're not involved. Don't deny something you've not even done or thought to do. What you can do is NOT to do what Serruya did. 

To think that this has topped #CockyGate boggles my mind. 

Now, what am I going to do? I'm going to wrap this post and write. That's what authors, real authors do, right?


Thursday, January 17, 2019

IT'S OUT!!!! #DivorcedDivas!!!!! #mm #erotic #romance #eXbdd #BestSeller

Happy Release Day!
Buy Link: https://www.extasybooks.com/978-1-4874-2257-8-around-the-block/
Published By: eXtasy Books Author: Jo Tannah ISBN: 978-1-4874-2257-8 Page: 97 Word Count: 27907 Estimated Publish Date: January 18, 2019 Series: Divorced Divas #0 Heat Level: 4 Flames Available Formats: Adobe Acrobat, Epub, Mobipocket, Mobipocket (.mobi) Categories: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Special Collections Sometimes the second time around is the right time. Kevin McCallum walked out of a verbally abusive relationship of over twenty-four years, leaving his house and ending up in an apartment in his home town. His older brother, Jason, sends him a private message on messenger telling him that an old boyfriend of his, Matthew Logan, says hi. It troubles Kevin. When he was dating Matthew, he broke off the relationship before it had gone two months. He’d realized then that he didn’t care for him in that way. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it hadn’t felt right when Matthew had held him in his arms. Kevin decides what the heck. He can talk to Matthew, no biggie. It doesn’t take long. Kevin finds Matthew’s profile page and requests a friendship. An hour later, the chat box pops up and Kevin and Matthew start chatting. They chat until dawn. The next day, they chat again right after work. Before Kevin realizes it, he’s telling Matthew everything and discovers he and Matthew have a lot more in common than he realized. Matthew’s going through a bad divorce himself, and with two kids, too. That’s not the end of the common things and life events they shared. When Matthew suggests they meet up, should Kevin agree? Can it ever work the second time around? Edit: Around The Block is now a BestSeller over at eXtasy Books

Friday, January 4, 2019

His Christmas Valentine and that Editor's Badge! So excited! #mm #erotic #holiday #romance

Image may contain: 1 person, textThe first Editor's Choice of 2019 goes to Jo Tannah for His Christmas Valentine ~ squeezing in the last drop of festive cheer for $1.99


"Poignant, charming, funny and sad in all the right places, His Christmas Valentine by Jo Tannah is the perfect holiday gift." ~ Editor

Can a Valentine song be the perfect Christmas gift?

It’s Christmas Eve, and Vince is faced with a difficult decision. He’s wanted to marry his lover and partner, Iñaki, for the longest time, and yet every time he’s asked, Iñaki has always said no.

Can Vince set aside his personal misgivings and gift his beloved Iñaki the one thing he’s been waiting to hear him play? Can playing this one song be the secret to getting his Christmas wish?

Hang on to Christmas with this recommended book.