Wednesday, April 17, 2019

How To Read My Stories So No One Freaks Out

I've been asked a lot about my books, especially the series ones. I have several. The common question is why I write the way I do. I find that strange. Why ask me that? I mean, it is my imagination that's working here, so there is no why, only when. When shall I finish? When will I release the next installments? Another question I will willingly answer is the how. How do I write? How do I process the stories in my head? How does one read your series?

That last question has been added because lately, I've been finding myself trying to explain a whole lot of things regarding the hows of reading my stories. So. Here's my reply to some of those readers who have reached out (most have not).


That's it. There's no complicated process to it. With that advise in mind, please also remember that coming in on the 3rd or 4th of the series and getting lost is to be expected. Why? Because when I write an ongoing series, it means it is an ongoing story. Meaning, other books will be released and these will continue the original or first book.

List of Ongoing Series

(Please take note, there are other volumes to follow. I know there's Volume II)

Things are somewhat different with my Hidden Series and Tales From the Archipelago. These are a collection of stories, rather than ongoing. Each story is a stand-alone. None of the men know each other, they don't even live in the same timelines or countries. Sometime I will drop another and it won't affect the reading.

I hope this clears things up a bit. Now let me go back to my long overdue update on my WIPs which are piling up as we speak.

Have fun reading my stories and if you can leave an encouraging review, please do.

P.S. My stories are romance-based. They are all HEA or HFN. All are erotic, so for those who get a little shocked, please be reminded, I write erotic gay stories. Oh! And all my men are adults and have consensual sex. Peace!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

#Tarragon now available on Amazon for #PreOrder #mm #erotic #fantasy #romance

Tarragon is now available for Preorder over at Amazon. It will go wider as the weeks progress. I'll continue to edit this post to include all the links it will be sold from.

***And contrary to some claims, NO MY BOYS DON"T BREAK UP!