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Friday, May 15, 2020

Life Update

Hi, peeps.

Writer Thinking ClipartI know, I know, it's been a while. Forgive me. Life took a turn, and it has been a troublesome time for my family. COVID19 brought in a complication that took everyone around the world by surprise and added a weight that was heavy to carry, even when we had to do it all together. Fortunately, my family is alive and healthy, safe, and out of danger. I can't talk about what happened last November, but I'm just grateful that everything panned out and we all had the chance to recover. In the end, it opened a few opportunities for my family and we're slowly adjusting to our new normal. It also revealed who our true family and friends were.

All the doors closing and all of those that opened alternative paths for us also took a toll on my creativity. Curiously, the lockdown on my island gave me the opportunity to sit, munch on food, and do nothing. The couch potato (me) binge-watched on Korean dramas over at Netflix. I particularly enjoyed Haechi, The Beauty Inside, Here To Heart, and Diary of A Night Watchman. There's another I'm currently watching, The King: Eternal Monarch. I can honestly say, I found a whole new world that allowed me to enjoy romances all over again. After all the angst in my real life, I definitely needed it.

What's my good news?

Well, the rekindled love for romance didn't get me to open books to re—it opened my mind, woke up my muse, and I got to write and finish a whole new story. It's over 70K long, and I'm still tweaking it to fill up the holes I left open in my bid to run after my sprinting muse. I got to finish it last night and had a long chat with my publisher. The only sad part is I settled on this title that may have to be scrapped because of copyright issues. To solve the issue, I will submit the original title but will add in alternate titles that will not be copyrighted. I'm not upset, I was well aware of its potential copyright issue, that's why I initiated the chat with my publisher. What the title will end up to be, I'll keep you updated.

As for future works?
I'm with eXtasy Books. They are a stellar company with a professional staff, I couldn't ask for more. To top it off, they pay on time. Will I ever self-publish again? Maybe. Maybe not. I'll update you all when the time comes.

For now? I'm hoping you're all coping in this world that's filled with uncertainty. Give yourself a break. Set limits to yourself so you don't get burned out. Relax. Take a deep breath. Take time with family and friends. Look at what you have and give thanks, don't dwell on what you don't or what others have.

Peace out and lots of love.


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