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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

What's Next For Jo Tannah for 2020-2021

Roger Garth
Meet Stash Burcell, the main character for It's Not That Complicated
Model Inspiration: Seth Atwell

I just signed the contract for this story. It's going to be my 35th book with eXtasy Books.
Release Date: TBA

What am I working on now?

1. Finishing up the second installment to the Kizerain world: no title yet, would you believe it? This one's a May/December romance. I hope to submit by next week.

2. Will attack the second installment to the Serai series. This one's a little different for me, so I'm taking my time with it. I hope to finish by Thanksgiving for early 2021 release. I can't reveal much about it as I'm still trying to figure out the twists and turns on this one.
3. Fifth installment to the Taboo series, this time, it will be a heart wrencher and will focus mainly on Zach and Tristan's relationship as they go through an unexpected situation. I'm not saying what kind for the sake of secrecy, but it is one that causes both of them anxiety and will test their love and acceptance of one another.

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