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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Tristan and Zach: Chicken In The Oven, Love On the Side (A Taboo Story) #FreeRead #mm #erotic #romance #TabooSeries #oneshot

*Disclaimer: raw and unedited

Thanksgiving was just around the corner and after months—no, years—of enduring the constant feeling of dread, Tristan felt like he could finally breathe freely. He and Zach had been afraid to voice their concerns over the results of the most recent presidential elections, yet it wasn’t a political situation they could easily ignore. Their marriage, their very lives, had been at stake. They’d lost friends and a lot of clients because of it. The pandemic situation did not help matters, especially after it had affected the firm’s base operations. Deciding to work from home had been a simple decision, implementing it and being successful at it, was not. With the elections finally over, the pandemic was one of the principal things Tristan continued to feel insecure about. Thankfully, they were spending two weeks at the beach house beginning the next day. Although it was not a real escape, it offered temporary appeasement to the constant battles they continued to face. Although nothing was ever easy, and he knew things were not going to get easier overnight, he wasn’t worried. In the end, the word of law would overcome, and his marriage to Zach would stay safe, at least, for the time being.

    The week before, Tristan had decided to check both his and Zach’s schedule and surprise his husband with a two-week vacation. Tonight marked the first night of their two weeks’ vacation. After Thanksgiving, the busy work schedule would have to be faced again, but for now, all Tristan thought about was how he and Zach had finally the time off to focus on one another.

Living together for the past several years had not been free of arguments. The truth of the matter was, Zach proved quite opinionated. There were times he straight on butted heads with Tristan’s more conservative outlook, but somehow, they’d continued to grow as a couple. In fact, he felt they’d grown closer to one another. There were even moments when all Tristan had to do was look at Zach and immediately know what he was thinking. The ping of an incoming notification shook him out of his thoughts. He glanced down at his phone and saw the message from Zach saying he was stopping by the grocery to pick up some things.

“Do you want me to get you anything?”

“Nothing. Hurry home, I miss you already,” Tristan smiled as typed into his phone.

“Aw, so cheesy. I love it,” came Zach’s quick response.

Tristan's smile broadened at Zach’s use of the word cheesy. Yes, Zach called him out on being just that. Maybe he was cheesy, but he was one for a reason. Never had he experienced the kind of feelings he did until Zach came into his life. Even though Zach was much younger, he was an old soul and their connection dug deep. Should it have been any other man, he doubted he would have been brave enough to express his love so openly. He would have felt insecure. Ever since he and Zach started their relationship, he had nothing but strength and confidence in their love. Not for the first time, he thanked the higher powers that he had Zach in his life.

The grocer Zach was at was only fifteen minutes out. Tristan had enough time to prepare the screening room and set up the movie Zach had wanted to watch for a long time. It was an old one, The Abyss. He could still remember watching it the first time and after Zach had expressed interest, so he thought it was a good idea to purchase an account with an online streaming app. Watching movies was a pastime that Tristan had only rediscovered, thanks to Zach and the pandemic.

Whenever Zach wanted to, as he termed it, chill out, he watched movies. It didn’t matter what genre as long as he could get lost in the special effects and forget about real life. Both of them had been through a lot the past several months, first with Tristan’s parents’ refusal to face reality their son was gay and was married to a man, and second, their illogical conviction Tristan was going back to Amanda. Choosing to accept their ex-daughter-in-law was in prison was something that even his parents’ closest friends couldn’t understand. Zach didn’t help much. He’s shrugged and placed the blame on senility. Maybe he should adopt Zach’s simplistic approach and get some untroubled sleep for once.

Tristan was just loading popcorn into the air fryer when he heard a door slam followed soon after by Zach’s regular greeting.

“Honey, I’m home.”

“In the kitchen,” Tristan called out. After adjusting the foil and making sure that everything was set upright, Tristan closed the lid.

Just then, the timer rang and he hurried over to check on the chicken. He decided it was as good as done when he pulled on a wing and the meat gave easily. He was putting on oven mittens when Zach poked his head around the kitchen door.

“Something smells great. What’s for dinner?”

“Nothing fancy. Just baked chicken and potatoes,” Tristan said. “Leave the bags by the door, I’ll get to them as soon as I’m done with this.”

“All right, thanks. I’ll take a shower. Are you sure you don’t need any help?”

“I’ve got everything under control,” Tristan said, throwing a quick smile at Zach.

“Okay, I’ll be in about ten minutes.”

“I already placed a change of clothes at the back of the door.”

“Thank you, baby.”

Tristan pulled out the dish from the oven and carefully placed it on the island. He sniffed at the delicious odors coming off it and smiled to himself. Chicken was such a mundane dish to cook, but when prepared properly and with the right ingredients, it was spectacular. Zach was fond of chicken, too fond of it. If asked what he wanted to eat, he would always mention chicken. Even when it was still safe to eat in restaurants, he’d order chicken. Not to mention, he’d order in chicken take out. It didn’t matter how it was prepared, just as long as it was done well, Zach enjoyed the meat. It was just one thing Tristan had learned about Zach through the years that had surprised him at first. Tristan reached for a spray bottle before opening the kitchen door to the garage. He looked down at the grocery bags Zach had left on the floor for a moment before spraying alcohol over it. Watching the mist settle, Tristan thought back about how life had turned abnormal ever since the pandemic started. He knew people laughed at him for his overzealousness in making sure he didn’t have the chance of getting the virus, but he didn’t care for their ignorant beliefs. At least his family stayed safe because of it. The bathroom door opened to his left and he looked up.

Zach, his hair slick from his shower, stepped out of the bathroom, a ready smile on his lips. Tristan blinked, his brain suddenly muddled at the sight of his husband. He didn’t know how long he stood there in silence, gawking until Zach took the spray bottle from his hand.

“Hey, are you all right?”

Tristan blinked slowly, feeling his face flush from embarrassment. He knew that Zach could see right through him. How many times had he been caught staring at him in wonderment? His children often teased him about it. He and Zach had been married for over a year and he still couldn’t get over how lucky he was.

At thirty-one, Zach was at his peak of attractiveness, from the way his once lanky body had become buffer from working out with Tristan, to the way his face had matured. Zach had always been beautiful in Tristan’s eyes, but now, he was just unbearably handsome. Tristan blinked once more when Zach’s hand cupped the back of his neck and pulled him closer.

“Hello,” Zach said. It was a simple word, nothing sexy or seductive in it at all, and yet it made the blood rush straight down to Tristan’s groin and he found it hard to speak. Their gazes met and held before Zach lowered his head and brushed his lips over Tristan’s.

The touch was tender and sweet. It made Tristan hunger for anything but chicken.

The kiss deepened, and the heat rose between them like a fever. Zach slid away from his lips across his cheek then down to his neck. At the juncture where neck met shoulder, Zach planted a tender kiss followed by a little nip. Tristan breathed in a harsh breath, his mind in turmoil. The only thing he could do was turn his head and capture Zach’s mouth in his once more. Tongues dueled in a dance of dominance. It was always like this between them, never wavered since that first day they shed all inhibition and braved the potential storm should their respective families discover them. Tristan pushed his tongue deep into Zach’s mouth. It was captured in an instant, sucked on, and held there by his determined lover. Tristan sighed at the way Zach sucked and press himself closer. He tightened his arms around Tristan’s waist, stealing the breath away.

Tristan lost track of time. All that mattered was Zach. It wasn’t until Zach raised his head that Tristan found himself pressed against the kitchen door, breathing harshly in time with Zach. Their gazes met, but they didn’t speak until a smile morphed over Zach’s lips.

“Hi,” he whispered.

Tristan swallowed and his gaze fell on Zach’s plump and reddened lips. “Hi,” he croaked out.

“Miss me?”

Tristan nodded and swallowed again. His mind was still lost in the memory of their earlier kiss and all he could feel was the hard cock pressed against his.

“Dinner can wait?”

Tristan nodded again.

Zach’s brow rose, his gaze searching and all-knowing. The smile broadened. “I see. Shall we take this inside?”

All Tristan could do was nod again. Where had his voice gone? He didn’t care. Zach was here and he wanted him.

Tristan couldn’t recall how they got here, after all, it was on the second floor, and yet there he was, lying on the bed looking up at Zach. His husband towered over him, but he wasn’t meeting Tristan’s gaze. He was looking down, his lids hiding his eyes, but Tristan knew what he was looking at. The balls of his eyes moved under the shuttered lids, moving to and fro. As he continued to observe him, Tristan felt Zach’s body heat up against his. Where their skin touched, he could feel Zach’s body heat up. Tristan looked up and smiled as a flush began to cover Zach’s chest. He’d always found it fascinating how easy it was to assess Zach’s emotions by the way his blood moved under his skin. Tristan’s lips curled up as the flush moved up to Zach’s neck and up to the tips of his ears, all the while Zach’s breathing began to accelerate. Growing harsher as the seconds ticked by.

Tristan shifted slightly, adjusting himself so Zach sat squarely over his groin. His hardening shaft quickly rose to attention, as did Zach’s. It was a fascinating sight, one he had never tired of.

Zach looked up and Tristan drew in a deep breath.

How had he gotten so lucky to have a man like Zach in his life? He definitely didn’t think he deserved it and yet there he was, sitting on top of him, looking down at him. Zach’s eyes shimmered in the darkness, but Tristan didn’t find it difficult to read them. How could he miss the love in those depths?

The intensity in those brown eyes whenever their owner was sexually aroused.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Tristan swallowed. Whenever Zach’s voice changed into that low, raspy voice of his that only came out when they were both in bed naked always made his mind blank out. In the past, when their relationship had been new, he had managed to control his thoughts and emotions. Now that they’d been together for several years, he was not doing so well. But it was all good. He was just more in love with his Zach than he’d ever been. From the way Zach was with him, he was just as in love with him. Zach had proven his feelings after the incident with the intern. Tristan took in a harsh breath. He shook his head and focused on what was Zach was doing to him. Now was not the time to think about that incident.

“What are you thinking about?” Zach continued to slather the lube over Tristan’s cock.

Tristan opened his mouth to answer, but Zach lifted his hips. Tristan reached out and grabbed on to Zach’s hips. He knew what was going to happen next, but Zach always managed to surprise him. He would never just settle over so he could take Tristan deep inside him. He always thought of something that would take Tristan’s sanity away. He was not in the mood for that tonight.

“Don’t you dare,” Tristan threatened lightly. Ah, there he was. He'd found himself again.

Zach froze, his eyes widening slightly, but the quirk of a smile ruined revealed how much he was enjoying the exchange. “What do you mean? What’d I do?”

“You’re thinking about teasing me again that’s what you’re doing.”

“I’m not.” Zach let out a soft whine as he lifted his hips higher. He adjusted Tristan’s length under him.

Tristan grimaced. His balls felt full to bursting. The tip of his cock head felt sore, as though the skin were stretched overly thin. Overall, he just wanted to feel the surrounding flesh, gaining in heat as he thrust into Zach. Memories of how their flesh rubbed against the other in tight friction made the hunger for his Zach rise a hundredfold.


“Lower yourself on me.”

“Please, Tris,” Zach whispered.

“Slowly now, baby,” Tristan whispered back.

A small whimper escaped Zach’s lips, but he did as instructed. Slowly, ever so gently, he lowered himself over the tip of Tristan’s cock.

Tristan let out a small growl as he pulled Zach down on him, controlling his movements with his sure hands.

Breath exploded from Zach’s mouth as Tristan felt his cock gain entrance. Heat covered the tip of Tristan’s cock before spreading down over his cockhead. The entry may have gotten easier through the years, but once inside, Tristan still had a hard time containing his reactions. The combined heat and tight embrace was something he had always truly relished in. Something on Zach provided him.

He opened his eyes when he felt a slight twitch from Zach and he smiled up at him when he saw the almost beatific smile light up Zach’s face. His eyes were closed, his lips were parted slightly, the flush had grown deeper as he lowered himself further down until Tristan was fully engulfed.

“Touch down,” Zach said in a breathless voice before letting out a

Tristan’s eyes flung open, saw the silly grin on Zach’s face and gave hip a gentle slap.

“Ooh, naughty,” Zach cooed.

Tristan reached up with both hands took hold of Zach’s neck and pulled him down until their faces were mere inches apart.

“Why are you being so naughty?” Tristan asked.

Zach’s mouth twisted before the tip of his tongue slipped between his lips. He licked on his lower lip before lowering himself even more until his forehead pressed against Tristan’s.

“Because you like it.”

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