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Friday, November 27, 2020

#TharnTypeTheSeriesS2Ep4: Fade To Black and the Powerful Chemistry of #MewGulf


Twitter Uproar: When the production team milks the actors dry and throws an iconic series under the bus. Just change the title already!
Reality: Not bad. The plot has moved along and the characterizations are now set. Still some improvement needed, but this was not disappointing at all. On the contrary, this episode kind of rocked.

Gulf Kanawut (white shirt) as Type
Gulf Kanawut (white shirt) as Type and Tee Mild (black shirt) as Techno during the S2EP1 Countdown

A life lesson: never rely on reviews to influence the personal experience.

Waking up to a Twitter timeline filled with anxious and angry commentaries about Ep4 was kind of a downer.The noise on Twitter was pretty loud, but I ignored it all and watch for myself. This is MewGulf, and after the third episode, I thought it couldn't possibly get worse. The good news is, Ep4 was not a major disappointment.

To set the record straight, the principal actors did not get the measly fifteen mintues everybody was talking about. In fact, out of the 46:09 run time they had 29:77 mins. That's more than half of the total, which makes this episode lean more on the side of the main protagonists. I must admit though, that there were places which I skipped forward because they simply were deletable scenes of side characters acting out a script that didnt make sense. I mean, why do I need to see Fiat try on a pair of shoes? Why did I need to see him smiling and giggling sending text messages to God knows who? And how about the other scenes where the actor had to stutter through his lines? In these, I point my finger to the director, the script writer, and the executive producers.

I have a lot to gripe about regarding the side characters, but I am also aware their roles are integral to the development of Tharn and Type's relationship. I just wish that the director did it better. One example is the basketball court scene where Leo stopped playing, was heaving, approaches his love interest, Fiat, takes off his shirt and throws it on Fiat's face who laughs it off. What's wrong you're asking? Well, Leo wasn't sweating. In fact, he was so chill, there wasn't even a hint of moisture on his upper lip. Another is  the inclusion of the bitchy Nana who wants to steal Tharn so she can marry into money. Can we just stop with this trope already? 

For me, what saved this episode was Mew and Gulf's acting. Their scenes were shorter but full of thunder they practically pulled the rug out from under all other actors. A lift of Gulf's brow spoke volumes. A shrug from both Mew and Gulf clearly portrayed unspoken understanding of each other. A lip curl on Mew's mouth and we see his amusement and love for his lover. Their gazes meet, and the screen sizzles from the chemistry between the men. There was no need to act out an NC (no children) scene. My only commentary is, Mew and Gulf's real relationship cannot stop leaching into their TharnType scenes, but that only makes me happy.

A sweet  moment between MewGulf...erm...Tharn and Type

Another favorite, Techno. His character is the comedic element that steers the love life of Tharn and Type. As usual, TeeMild excels in his delivery. Hat's off to his brilliant acting. Third favorite is the after credits Line chat group Techno's set up. In this episode, it is now clear why he broke out of character to label Tharn as a cheat in Ep3.

Why the fury? The image below was hyped up by both the production team and the actors. Mew Suppasit especially mentioned this as his favorite. This was supposed to be a kichen explosion that morphed into one of the hottest scenes written on television history. What actually happened? Nothing. This scene never appeared. Was this deleted? Was it a leaked behind the scene pic? We'll never know. One thing for sure, the outraged fans cannot be assuaged. They felt cheated. I agree. I wanted that scene. Instead, we got an extended scene shopping for shoes.

At the end of the day, no, there were no erotic scenes in Ep4. What I can guarantee is the sizzling homoerotic chemistry between Mew and Gulf was more than enough to make the viewer squirm in their seats and make their imaginations run wild. The heat is incredible without anything shown. Then again, that is MewGulf's secret weapon. Fade to black at its finest. 

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