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Saturday, December 5, 2020

#TharnType The Series S2Ep5: Seven Years of Love: Back On Track and It's Getting Worth It Again

After four near-disastrous episodes, we finally get the TharnType the Series we'd all been craving for.

We're on the fifth episode of TharnType the Series Season 2 and fans of the show are finally getting a taste of what had gotten them addicted to this series. The weeks following the release of the first episode had been filled with controversy. The principal characters' lack of screen time did nothing to satisfy the craving for everything MewGulf. For reasons never divulged, the production gave the side characters too much screen time, mostly comprising nonsensical and extended scenes. The diverted focus resulted in calls for a change in the series title. Not helping much was the slow pace of character and plot development. In short, other than scene-stealing shots by the actors playing Tharn and Type, not much was going on. Truly, except for two NC (No Children or Restricted) scenes, episodes 1, 2, and 3 were not enough to assuage a fanbase that was getting steadily angry and disappointed. But then, episode 5 dropped, and for once, the fandom is relieved.

Episode 5 had quite a lot going on. Here, we find out why Techno, played by Mild Suttinut, broke character and it is comical and a breath of fresh air. Mild's acting is so natural, it is hard to see if he is acting or playing around the set. 

Type, played by Gulf Kanawut, hyped to have matured after seven years, still held true to his hot-tempered and jealous ways. He also has to deal with a difficult boss who is making his life at work miserable. Then there is Tharn, played by Mew Suppasit, who is shown to be a loving, understanding, and compassionate partner. We also get a glimpse of the lengths to which Tharn will behave to ensure he is Type's one and only. Both Mew and Gulf acted their parts with natural ease. It's a given, of course, for both actors had been playing their parts for about two years now. The only negative I can think of is that their scenes, the most we had ever seen in the five episodes, is they were so good, they went by too fast. 

As for the other side characters, they were still there, but their scenes were better scripted and edited that they didn't give the impression of taking over the series. However, I still stand by my previous statement that their scripts needed improvement instead of allowed to linger. The importance of the side characters is finally showing itself, but they could have done it all in the second episode. Special mention to the adorable Chopper, Mew's Pomeranian, who went about his merry way wearing an adorable hoodie, looking for the best place to plant his scent on the set. 

All I can say about this episode is, well done. There were still some things that needed addressing like super loud background music in one scene involving Tharn's brother, Thorn, and his best friend, San. I was wearing headphones and had to manually lower the volume so as not to hurt my eardrums. Also, there were moments where a flash of brightness made me flinch. Other than those, the problems that haunted the first four episodes were corrected. Transitions between scenes are smoother and the script was better managed. There was no overstretching of the side character scenes that made them look like poorly developed deletable sections that had no business being aired. What I would like to see is an extension of this treatment into the remaining eight episodes.

The satisfaction I felt watching episode 5 was such a relief, for it relived that magical feeling of Season 1. I know it's too late to cry over what had happened, so I hope things continue to improve.

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