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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Updates #FreeReads Social Media & Me

Hi, peeps! Long time no hear. All my fault, I have to say, but I'm back to writing again. I never thought I'd be at this stage, but life has a way of giving one a sucker punch and it hit me hard. Thankfully, I'm on the mend, and even when I thought I'd never get around to writing again, I am. I really am.

Now, I don't have any new releases, but I am actively writing the fifth installment of the Rise of the Symbiont Series. Yes, that's right, I am writing it, and I am expanding it. It's been a while and it made it difficult for I discovered I lost ties with some of the side characters and it affected my writing. Nothing bad, just a slight delay so the timeline of how the events flows in the story and the character archs had to be addressed. Almost there!

For those of you who are Taboo Series fans, I am currently updating Tristan and Zach's story over on my Facebook Page. The ongoing story is pinned there, all you need to do is read the parts in order. I'm only up to Part 2 but I do update on the daily. I hope you enjoy the journey with me and the boys for I do love them. Don't worry, this will not be the last of them, I just decided this 4 or 5 part short will segue into a bigger story which I have already outlined. Basically, this short Free Read will be the basis of that longer, and Final story. Don't be sad, I still have plans. So even if that fifth story will be the last of the Taboo Series, it won't be for the other characters. Stay tuned. I'll reveal all on a later date.

Last, as I am currently writing two stories at once, I have to set aside for the time being, The Tell Tale Heart. But don't worry. This time, I promise I will be finishing up that second installment to my mpreg series of The Chronicles of the Serai. Which leads me to my final announcement: I will not be participating in any short imprint publications for Extasy Books this year. I have to finish the two main series, The Rise of the Symbionts, Vol 2 and The Chronicles of the Serai, Book 2. Once I am done, I will proceed to the rest of the works in progress I set aside. 

Love you all,


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