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My Book Reviews

The story is strong with a good range of characters and drama. There’s some heat on those pages too. —  The Royal Guardian by Jo Tannah ~ 4* Reviewed by Freya for Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews
Worth it for "The Royal Guardian" by Jo Tannah alone — By Gerald on Amazon 4*
Delightful...different and I shall reread this story again and again... — By L.A on Amazon 5*

A Sweet Read — By Steve on Amazon 4*

This is a sexy and very emotional story and I would recommend it all romance lovers. - L.A. on Amazon 5*
This was a fascinating story that brought live to all the characters. The love between Ryan and Q'lan overcame the incredible odds against it making this one story that I will never forget! — Teresa - Fallen Angel 5*
Although it's short the author manages to create an reasonably believable alien world with characters you find yourself invested in. — Jennie's review 
For such a short story, it read and felt like a longer one. — Rainbow Gold Reviews 9/10 pots of gold

I wanted to live with the Robinson Family on the Jupiter 2 on Lost in Space. This story recapture that feeling. Great Book!, June 1, 2016 By Tidal Ashburn on Amazon 5* 
Pretty good for what it is. A short story. I found the start a bit rough but once the engine got going I devoured it. Ian Mitchell's 4* Review on Goodreads
I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this story. — By Amazon Customer 5*
Jo manages to make the universe The Hunt inhabits, her characters, and her characters’ romantic inclinations, plausible and normal.  I thank her for that, deeply, from the bottom of my heart. I hope to read a lot more stories like this from Jo Tannah. — Land of the Book Fairies 5*

Hidden: Evils

This is a very eerie story. At times it was so creepy for me but I couldn't put the story down because I wanted to know what happened next. The plot is refreshing because of the paranormal reminded me of old tales and superstitions. I guess that part really fed my imagination and simply glued me to my chair.L.A. on Amazon 5*
Chilling, Horror at it's Best! My heart was in my throat.— By Tidal Ashburn 5*

Don't read in the dark! — By Patricia Nelson 5*

Hidden: Evils must be read to be fully appreciated…and I really did appreciate it. Jo Tannah has put together the perfect combination of horror, mythology, sex, romance, and the importance of friends and family.
The plot is very engaging. I think it was a bold choice of subject matter. Horrible atrocities against pregnant women and their babies don’t exactly bring about the warm fuzzies. However, here in this book, it just works. Enough detail was given to make me squirm, and once what was actually happening was revealed, the squirming turned to a horrified fascination…like looking at a car accident on the side of the road. — A Joyfully Jay review 4.25 stars

This one hit a lot of my buttons, mystery, supernatural beings and magic. Even without the author's note I would have known what the villains of the piece were and I don't want to spoil too much of that. I will say however, they're inspired from a truly creepy non-European folklore, so kudos. — Jana Denardo's Reviews > Hidden: Evils 4*
Paranormal romances are one of my new obsessions. I like a good monster. I enjoy two people having to come together to take the monster down. This is what happens in Hidden:Evil. The character development and world building are top-of-the-line. — Land of the Book Fairies 4.5*

What A Difference A Day Makes (The Standards)
This story was very sweet, it started at the end of the story, and then moved forward in clips, bring up little slices of the years both men loved through, all to end where it began, and well... finishing it. — Bronwyn Heeley on Goodreads 4*